Mini Hi Fi Systems

Thomson AM1285 / Micro System
Venturer CD6602 / CD Micro system
Tosumi TODVA601 / DVD Micro System with Karaoke Function
Thomson AM1185 / Micro System
Thomson A3185 / Mini System
Technics SCHD350 / CD Micro System
Technics SCHD560 / CD Micro System
Technics SBDV790 / CD Mini System
Technics SCDV290 / DVD Mini System
Sony MHCRG220 / CD Mini System
Sony MHCRG222 / CD Mini System
Sony MHCWZ8D / CD/DVD Mini System
Sony MHCWZ5 / CD Mini System
Sony MHCRG22 / Power Mini CD System
Aiwa BMZK1 / CD Mini System
Sony CMTCPX1 / CD Micro System
SONY CMTEP303 / Micro system
Sony CMTGP5 / CD Micro System
Sony CMTGPX5 / CD Micro System
SONY CMTM100MDS / Silver micro system
Sony CMTNE3 / CD Micro System
Sony CHCTB20 / Tube CD Mini System
Sony CMTC7NT / Net MD CD Micro System
Sony CMTCP100 / Micro System
Sharp XLS10H / CD Micro System
Sharp XLHP500E / CD Micro System
Sharp XLHP550E / CD Micro System
Sharp XLHP404E / CD Micro System
Sharp XL30WL / Micro system
Sharp SDNX10H / 1 bit Digital audio system
Sharp CDE110H / CD Mini System
Sharp CDDP900E / CD Mini System
Sanyo DCDA1000 / Micro Hi-Fi
Sanyo DCMM5000 / Designer Micro Hi-Fi
Sanyo DCX140 / Dual Cassette Midi System
Samsung MML2 / CD micro system
Samsung MAXS520 / Micro System
Philips MC570 / CD Micro System
Philips MC90 / CDR micro system
Philips MCM250 / CD Micro System
Philips MC500 / CD Micro System
Philips MC160 / CD Micro System
Philips MC260 / CD Micro System
Philips MC110 / CD Micro System
Philips MC120 / CD micro system
Philips FWP750 / CD Mini System
Philips FWC399 / Mini CD system
Philips FWC355 / CD Mini System
Panasonic SCPM29 / CD Micro System
Panasonic SCPM18 / CD Micro System
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Cheap Mini Hi Fi Systems

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