Portable HiFi-Devices

Sony WMEX190 / Personal stereo
Sony WMEX192N2 / Walkman with Groove sound system
Sony WMFX193 / Combination Walkman with tuner
Sony WMFX288 / Walkman
Sony TCM939 / Compact Tape Recorder
Sony WMFX495 / Walkman
Venturer CDA1382 / CD RCR
Venturer DM8700 / Personal CD player
Venturer CDA1386 / Stereo CD Radio Cassette
Thomson LAD1090U / Personal CD Player
Thomson LAD799U / Personal CD Player
Thomson LAD990U / Personal CD Player
Thomson PDP2090U / Personal CD Player
Thomson TM9138U / Portable Stereo
Thomson TM9238U / Portable Stereo
SONY SRFM35 / AM/FM stereo walkman
Sony MZR909BLU / Portable mini disc
Sony MZNF810 / Net MD Walkman
Sony MZN510 / Net MD Walkman
Sony MZN505 / Net MD portable MiniDisc recorder
Sony MZN10 / Net MD Walkman
Sony MZG755 / Personal Mini Disc player
Sony MZE501 / MiniDisc Walkman
Sony M560V / Micro tape recorder
Sony DE330 / CD Walkman
Sony DE351 / Espmax CD walkman
Sony DEJ361 / Personal CD Player
Sony DEJ750S / Jog Proof CD Walkman
Sony DEJ775S / CD Walkman
Aiwa AMNX9SIL / Mini Disc Recorder
Aiwa CSDA190 / Portable CD Cassette Recorder
Sony ICDB5 / Digital notetaker
Sony DCJ501S / G-Protection Jog Proof MP3 CD Walkman
Sony CFDV7LL / CD radio cassette
Sony CFDS250L / CD RCR
Sony CFDS100L / CD RCR
Sharp MDMT270H / Portable Minidisc Recorder
Sharp MDMT290H / Portable Minidisc Recorder
Sharp MDMT170 / Portable Minidisc Recorder
Sanyo MCDZX300L / Radio Cassette Recorder
Sanyo DTA150 / Desktop Audio System
Thomson TM9258 / Portable Stereo
Philips RXD19 / CD RCR
Philips AZ3012 / CD RCR
Philips AZ2055 / CD RCR
Philips AZ2040 / CD RCR
Philips AZ1605 / CD radio cassette
Philips AZ1510 / CD RCR
Philips AZ1505 / Portable CD Cassette Recorder
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Cheap Portable HiFi-Devices

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