Vacuum Cleaners

SanyoSCX120 / Pulse Vacuum Cleaner
Sanyo SCX1000 / Pulse Bagless Cylinder Vacuum
Sanyo SCX130 / HEPA Bagless Vacuum
Vax VS10D Vision / Bagless Upright Cleaner
Vax VS18 Big Bubble / Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Sanyo SCX90 / S-Class Bagless Vacuum
Dyson DC05 / plus Turbo Brush
Vax 6140 / Pet Vac Carpet Washer
Vax VS30 Wash & Dry Bubble / Hard Floor Washer and Drier
Vax VS22 / Cylinder Cleaner
Vax VS20 Baby Bubble / Handheld Cleaner with Floor Cleaning Kit
Vax VS21 Bubble / Bagless Cylinder Cleaner
Vax V037 / Vac n Mop
Vax V036 / Sweeper Vac
Vax V026 / Rapide Deluxe Carpet Washer
Vax V0072 / Vivality Plus Cylinder Cleaner
Vax V025 / Rapide Carpet Washer
Vax V0071 / Vivality Cylinder Cleaner
Vax 6151SX / 3 in 1 Cleaner
Vax 6131 / Multifunction Cleaner
Sanyo SCA73 / Upright Cleaner
Dyson DC07 / Silver & Yellow
Miele Revolution 600 / Cylinder Cleaner
Hoover F5857 / Brush 'n' Wash
Dyson DC07 / Brush Control
Dyson DC07 / HEPA Purple & Lime
Dyson DC07 / HEPA Blue & Turquoise
Dyson DC07 / HEPA plus Floor Tool
Vax VS03 / Cylinder Cleaner
Sebo K3 Premium / Airbelt Vacuum Cleaner
Sebo K1 / Airbelt Vacuum Cleaner
Sebo K1 Komfort / Airbelt Vacuum Cleaner
Sebo Automatic X1.1 / Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Samsung VCU314 / 1400W Upright cleaner
Samsung VCU314BLU / Quietjet upright cleaner
Samsung VC7060 / Cylinder Cleaner
Samsung SU8550 / Bagless Upright Cleaner
Samsung SC7850 / Bagless Cylinder Cleaner
Samsung ML6060D3 / Toner Cartridge
Numatic JVH180 / James
Morphy Richards 73310 / Upright vacuum cleaner
Morphy Richards 71050 / Cylinder Cleaner
Morphy Richards 73121 / Pod Cylinder Cleaner
Morphy Richards 73165 / IOX Permanent Bag Cylinder Cleaner
Morphy Richards 73170 / Orb Cyclone Bagless Cylinder Cleaner
Morphy Richards 73181 / Cylinder Cleaner
Morphy Richards 73309 / Ultralight Upright Cleaner
Morphy Richards 73312 / Upright Cleaner
Morphy Richards 70044 / Premair Cylinder Cleaner
Morphy Richards 70450 / Grimebuster Compact Steam Cleaner
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